Cross-Training Challenge

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The "GX Cross-Training Challenge" is a fun, simple, and FREE new promotion we've created to motivate you to add some DIVERSITY to the types of group exercise classes you normally attend.

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Here's how it works:

During the 2-weeks of the challenge (Mon, 11/7-Sun, 11/20) you "cross-train" by simply attending classes from 2 or more of our 4 different class-types: Dance, Cardio, Stretch, & Strength (see below for specific class options). 
* If you attend 2 types of classes then you'll earn 1 entry into the prize-drawing. 
* If you attend 3 types of classes then you'll earn 3 entries
* If you attend all 4 types of classes then you'll earn 6 entries
The more diversely you "cross-train", the better your chances of winning a prize! Only one prize per participant, though (we want to spread the fun around as far as possible). The first step, though, is you need to sign-up online to participate (click here, registration is FREE!).

Your attendance-totals and prize-drawing entries will be listed on the "Current Results" page of our website and will be updated daily during the 2-week challenge. Your attendance will be tracked when you check-in with our classroom attendants prior to class by showing them your FitLife passes, or when you sign-in on our Self Check-in sheets by legibly writing your name and correct FitLife pass-number.

Available Prizes:

▪ FitLife Personal Training 3-session Intro Package ($100-$125 value)
▪ OPERS Facilities Winter Quarter Memberships ($33-$95 value each)
▪ FitLife GX Winter Quarter Pass ($30 value)
▪ UCSC Intramurals Winter Quarter All-Access Pass ($20 value)
▪ UCSC Recreation Program T-shirts ($15 value each)
▪ FitLife GX Monthly Passes ($12 value each) ...and more to come!

Available Classes for Each Class-Type:

For the purposes of this challenge, our class-type options will be as follows:


- ZUMBA (Mondays, 6:45p @ OPERS DNC)

- ZUMBA (Tuesdays, 5:15p @ OPERS MPR)

- WORLDANZ (Tuesdays, 7:45p @ OPERS DNC)

- ZUMBA (Wednesdays, 8:00p @ OPERS DNC)

- WORLDANZ (Thursdays, 7:45p @ OPERS DNC)

- ZUMBA (Fridays, 5:30p @ OPERS DNC)

- WORLDANZ BOOTCAMP (Saturdays, 12:45p @ OPERS DNC)



- CARDIO KICKBOXING (Wednesays, 6:45p @ OPERS MPR)

- CARDIO SCULPT (Thursdays, 5:15p @ OPERS MPR)


- TABATA BOOTCAMP (Saturdays, 10:15a @ OPERS MPR)



- YOGA (All Levels) (Mondays, 7:30a @ DEL)

- IYENGAR YOGA (Mondays, 12:00p @ NAM)

- VINYASA YOGA (Tuesdays, 6:30p @ OPERS MAS)

- IYENGAR YOGA (Wednesdays, 12:00p @ NAM)

- SUNSET YOGA (Wednesdays, 5:30p @ DEL)

- VINYASA YOGA (Thursdays, 6:30p @ OPERS MAS)

- FLOW YOGA (Fridays, 12:00p @ OPERS MAS)

- YOGA (All-Levels) (Fridays, 12:00p @ DEL)


- CIRCUIT XPRESS (Mondays, 12:10p @ OPERS MPS)

- CORE-YOGA FUSION (Mondays, 8:00p @ OPERS ACT)

- FIT BARRE (Tuesdays, 12:00p @ OPERS MPR)

- PILATES (All-Levels) (Tuesdays, 12:00p @ DEL)

- CIRCUIT XPRESS (Wednesdays, 12:10p @ OPERS MPR)

- FIT BARRE (Thursdays, 12:00p @ OPERS MPR)

- PILATES (All Levels) (Thursdays, 12:00p @ DEL)

- CIRCUIT XPRESS (Fridays, 12:10p @ OPERS MPR)

- CORE-YOGA FUSION (Saturdays, 11:30a @ OPERS MPR)