FitLife GX Faculty/Staff Pass

FitLife GX Employee PassThanks to UCSC's Campus Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor, UCSC Staff & Faculty are currently able to participate in FitLife Group Exercise (GX) classes free of charge after signing up for the promotion at the OPERS Wellness Center.

Taking advantage of this promotion is easy.  Just follow these easy steps:

Step #1) Visit the OPERS Membership Desk (located in the OPERS Wellness Center) with your UCSC Employee ID card and a photo ID (if your Employee ID card doesn't contain a photo).

Step #2) Let the membership staff know you'd like to sign-up for the "FitLife GX Faculty/Staff Pass". You will have your photo taken and will be issued a card similar to the one pictured above.

Your FitLife GX Employee pass doesn/t expire, so you'll only need to follow steps #1 & #2 once.

Step #3) Present your pass/card to the classroom attendant or instructor when you arrive at the class(es) in which you'd like to participate.

Note: The FitLife GX Employee Pass DOES NOT provide or include admission to OPERS facilities.  Admission to OPERS facilities (in which many of our FitLife GX classes are held) requires the purchase of an OPERS Facility-Access Monthly Membership or Day-Pass, for sale at the OPERS Wellness Center.  

Tell your friends who are UCSC Staff or Faculty! Spread the word! If you haven't attended a FitLife Group Exercise class yet, this is a great opportunity to try something new. Here's to a healthy and fit UCSC workforce!