Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who can participate in CruzFit?

A: The CruzFit challenge can be entered by any currently-enrolled UCSC ungradaute and graduate students, current UCSC faculty and staff members, and UCSC Retiree Association members.

Q: Is there a fee for participating in CruzFit?

A: No, CruzFit is a FREE program for all eligible participants (see above), thanks to the generosity of our program sponsors.

Q: Can I put together a team with more than four people?

A: Yes, we've increased the maximum team size to 10 people.  Remember, though, that EVERY member of your team must complete the challenge in order for ANY of your team members to receive their finisher's t-shirts.

Q: Can you match me up with teammates or assign me to a team?

A: No, we do not provide match-making services. Besides, inviting your friends and colleagues to engage in healthy activities with you is part of the challenge... and part of the fun!

Q: Do we have to exercise at the Wellness Center or within OPERS?

A: No, absolutely not! You can exercise anywhere you would like! We are encouraging "fitness anywhere", so be creative and find the places that work best in your life.

Q: If my teammates aren't students and don't have an OPERS memberships, can they get into the OPERS facilities for free?

A: First, we want to make it clear that exercise does not have to happen within OPERS. We are encouraging "fitness anywhere", so you and your teammates can be creative and find the exercise locations that work best for you.  But, if you would like to workout within OPERS and your teammates would like to workout there with you, they can: 

a) pay the $3-5/day facility pass fee (as your guest), or
b) purchase an OPERS monthly membership.

While you're encouraged to exercise with your teammates as often as possible, you'll still accumulte minutes for exercise done on your own.

Q: How do I accumulate exercise-minutes? How many exercise-minutes do I need to accumulate?

A: You accumulate exercise-minutes by exercising. It's that simple. Any type of exercise counts, but we do encourage moderate-intensity exercise for the intended results of this program. A maximum of 90-minutes of exercise can be counted for one day (you can still do more, but the extra minutes won't count towards your's or your team's total). In order to be eligible for the finisher prizes, everyone on your team must each accumulate at least 1200 minutes by the last day of the program, and record those minutes on their page of your team's exercise tracker file.

Q: Do I have to workout with my teammates all the time?

A: You are encouraged to do activities with your teammates as often as possible, but minutes are still accumulated for exercise done on your own.

Q: Does every person on the team have to track and record their exercise?

A: Yes. Every team member must enter their minutes of exercise on their page of your team's exercise tracker file. Keeping track of your exercise is a great way to help get you into a regular routine. It will also be your ticket to claim your program prizes.

Q: What resources are available to help program participants complete the CruzFit challenge?

A: During the 8-week program we'll be sending out weekly newsletters to all program participants with fitness tips and motivation, as well as information and coupons for fitness-related events and activities available exclusively to CruzFit participants.  Here is also a list of other on-campus fitness resources available to CruzFit participants:

Personal Fitness Assessments - Get accurate and objective measurements of your current fitness-levels in a variety of areas (body-fat percentage, strength, endurance, etc.)

Personal Fitness Training - Do you or your teammates need some help to get a routine started? Our trainers are highly qualified and can help you establish a routine to meet any goals.

Fitness Equipment Orientations - Equipment Orientations teach you how to use the Wellness Center equipment properly and safely.

Group Exercise Classes - Try a variety of workout-styles for all fitness and experience-levels in a fun and energetic group setting - all led by certified fitness professionals.

Physical Education Instructional Classes - Learn and improve skills in a variety of areas while gaining knowledge about the relationship between fitness and wellness.